Beneath the Mediterranean rain

The blinding flash streaks across the vast land , the thunders, shiver the leaves and the first drops of the Mediterranean rain lands on the tip of the comes a season of brilliance optimized by fresh earthly scents and release of the trapped heat that was build up beneath all the while. Is this a symbolism of the human mind or a simple natural way of releasing the mind from its epitome of bresatiness.. whatever it may be, but its definetely a natures way of augé-de-vuere and the creation of symphony in the steadfastness of the conservative race called humans. Was it this same drops of rain that flagged of epic romances, wars, disasters and much more, was it this same drops that witnessed pain. pleasure and was it this same trickles of earthly bliss that experienced pain, destruction, betrayal and murder.. To begin with and follow it with a splash of thunder , add to that a benevolent experience of rustic earthly scents seems to be the most truthful form of expression and most trust worthy form of explanation in the current world.. To all those who believe in this for of bliss, pray that this drops bring you the same form of trust and belief , and to those who don’t, regret and grieve cause your missing out on the bliss of nature..


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