Reassesment of values

“I cant give upon things that matters the most to me”  or  “It broke and I gave up” or “For every darkness there is a light ahead”, “For every night there is a day.”…….. but for all this to happen the element is question should move or rotate… to simply lie down and get rolled in dust seems to be a situational hazard, when emotions go wrong… so is holding on a bad move… the thought varies, but if the whole of world was to let go of everything that they valued the most, there would never have been something called as realisation of dreams, and the simple statement of “sweet dreams” would never exist. Being confident and having trust in what you feel right is a overhleming yet, exciting preposition, but to be over-confident and stubborn is a complete devious turn. Believe in everything that belongs to you, believe in what you feel for, never hide the true aims in your life , by doing so , one hides themself form what they really are, as it is dreams and our aims in life that creates and defines us. Stand by your desires of your heart, cause when the embryo was created it’s the heart that came into being first , it’s the ultimate energy and form of thought , that god had given us, stand by your greatest strength and not by your greatest fear.


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