Something puts the smile curve back on

Gulf News - Burj Dubai Wallpaper Contest Winner *2010

Soul of Dubai

The particular image was one from my final shoot , of the Burj downtown, i remember getting out for the shoot , with a fresh feeling and a of sense clarity, that i never had, i just wanted to shoot something different, yet something which people could identify with. For me it was a sort of final clap to an era, i loved and lived, and hope that it returns to me. The declaration of the photograph being the winning entry was a truly shocking yet amazing experience, cause this is an image that holds a very special place in my professional and personal life, at the time of capturing this image, a million emotions were present in my mind, i feel for being creative, emotions are boon than a bane. The appreciation for my art has finally given me something to smile about. 🙂


2 Responses to “Something puts the smile curve back on”

  1. Alifya Says:

    One of the best BURJ KHALIFA :p shots i have ever seen!
    you deserve the accolades!:)
    nice blog: good start!

  2. Agapeartist Says:

    i still prefer Burj Dubai… something with the new name just doesnt sound perfect…. or perhaps i should rename the image as

    “Soul of Kha*ifa”


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