Confessions from an ecclectic mind

To, have nearly been to destiny and move off, seems to be the greatest of wake up calls ever in life.. when the fairy tale come to a standstill, its not the end that tenses, but a wind of a much better continuity and believes in it, for the simple fact that its hope and love that kept one going till date, and why give it up, when god’s invisible hand has always been playing the cards right. The fact of the ecceletic confusion returns again, but at a much mishap-full point in the twisty roads of life, inorder to re-invent and re-trust the divine sense of openness, its the fearful control of life that restricts and restrains, but as said , hope keeps the heart beating, at least for time being :) To have had and never to have the moment even for time eternal seems to be the most elusive form of ecceletic invasion of ones own mind space, Cheers to all those who have conquered the space, and a toast to those who live in trust of hope….


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