A new flow ….

May 17, 2010

Teaser art work

 A project for those who reflect the purity of water and reflect its energy, those who crave to make their own path … after years of hope and dreams, the dream of a motion film, goes on celluloid… from independent visual frames to living life 24 frames per second, a big leap ….  The Memoirs take off ..  “we were never in pursuit of happiness, but more of fulfilment, we wanted wisdom, to take actions that he preferred and even after such , with blessings and guidelines, he tripped us …. maybe its the beginning for a fresh start… “


Beauty of death

February 7, 2010

Lingering around the dark corner, always unknown to the one destined, lurks the beautiful yet frightful proposition of death. Clearly portrayed as dark, dreadful, irreversible,extreme and end of the illusion called life, its nothing but a mere portal of awakening to those who were simply blinded by the materialism and unfaithful beings that surrounded them, cause when death knocks at unknown hours, even the accumulated pride or the trusted partner seems to leave you alone to your destiny. We never could control or hold the rims of our birth, but death sure we can and sure I will. When life sweeps away the sands you stand on, and destiny pulls you off your feet, its the control of death that makes us superior and confident as of to what we can achieve and destroy. Tonight I will and surely test the theory.

Gardens of Gamelyn

January 20, 2010

If thats what I am, hence into Day 11

Waking up to a blissful world with hangs of the reverent emotes, tends to be swindling form of livelihood, to have been and yet recised is a bridge yet to be crossed. Resistance can tear one apart, but to endure the bleth is to never have been and never to have decided, but to have a sign of uprighting centaur coming to the morning bliss is what we believe in and close our eyes with , as with the residual of life has become a martyr of natures tomb…

Travelogue of the benevolent

January 14, 2010

Day 3

Dense fog encompasses the valley beyond sight, the mystical rains that seduces the whim of any wanderer plays its magic on the deviant mind that looks for a ray of hope in every play of nature. To begin with the theology of benevolence seems to weave its magic around the dense mind, but the weist of escapism seems to hold back the mind and tie down to realities of life that screams for the facts of life. The presence of good memoirs is not a valid fact for building memoirs that last a life time but the achievement of divine love seems to be a variable and much valid root for the wanderer who seems to preserve the travelogue which re creates benevolence, disregarding the fact called life , where fiction seems an apt choice of motive….

Beneath the Mediterranean rain

January 10, 2010

The blinding flash streaks across the vast land , the thunders, shiver the leaves and the first drops of the Mediterranean rain lands on the tip of the mangroves..here comes a season of brilliance optimized by fresh earthly scents and release of the trapped heat that was build up beneath all the while. Is this a symbolism of the human mind or a simple natural way of releasing the mind from its epitome of bresatiness.. whatever it may be, but its definetely a natures way of augé-de-vuere and the creation of symphony in the steadfastness of the conservative race called humans. Was it this same drops of rain that flagged of epic romances, wars, disasters and much more, was it this same drops that witnessed pain. pleasure and was it this same trickles of earthly bliss that experienced pain, destruction, betrayal and murder.. To begin with and follow it with a splash of thunder , add to that a benevolent experience of rustic earthly scents seems to be the most truthful form of expression and most trust worthy form of explanation in the current world.. To all those who believe in this for of bliss, pray that this drops bring you the same form of trust and belief , and to those who don’t, regret and grieve cause your missing out on the bliss of nature..

The Valley of Giants

January 8, 2010

The cold breeze was stronger than ever, the surface was covered with golden sands settled over time… the desert was witness to a great deal of tales of love and perseverance .. the day had come when love had began its initial blossom in the valley of giants, the valley so called due to its emphony of true love being scattered in its varied depths… The valley hosts the secret to the most intriguing epics of true ardor of love and scents.. In search of this majestic valley do i move, the dreams of awaking in this emphorium of magnus and romance seems to be a distant vision rather than a visible past… in search of this valley seems to be the greatest of quests that lay thereforth….

Reassesment of values

January 7, 2010

“I cant give upon things that matters the most to me”  or  “It broke and I gave up” or “For every darkness there is a light ahead”, “For every night there is a day.”…….. but for all this to happen the element is question should move or rotate… to simply lie down and get rolled in dust seems to be a situational hazard, when emotions go wrong… so is holding on a bad move… the thought varies, but if the whole of world was to let go of everything that they valued the most, there would never have been something called as realisation of dreams, and the simple statement of “sweet dreams” would never exist. Being confident and having trust in what you feel right is a overhleming yet, exciting preposition, but to be over-confident and stubborn is a complete devious turn. Believe in everything that belongs to you, believe in what you feel for, never hide the true aims in your life , by doing so , one hides themself form what they really are, as it is dreams and our aims in life that creates and defines us. Stand by your desires of your heart, cause when the embryo was created it’s the heart that came into being first , it’s the ultimate energy and form of thought , that god had given us, stand by your greatest strength and not by your greatest fear.

Something puts the smile curve back on

January 4, 2010
Gulf News - Burj Dubai Wallpaper Contest Winner *2010

Soul of Dubai

The particular image was one from my final shoot , of the Burj downtown, i remember getting out for the shoot , with a fresh feeling and a of sense clarity, that i never had, i just wanted to shoot something different, yet something which people could identify with. For me it was a sort of final clap to an era, i loved and lived, and hope that it returns to me. The declaration of the photograph being the winning entry was a truly shocking yet amazing experience, cause this is an image that holds a very special place in my professional and personal life, at the time of capturing this image, a million emotions were present in my mind, i feel for being creative, emotions are boon than a bane. The appreciation for my art has finally given me something to smile about. 🙂

Confessions from an ecclectic mind

January 3, 2010

To, have nearly been to destiny and move off, seems to be the greatest of wake up calls ever in life.. when the fairy tale come to a standstill, its not the end that tenses, but a wind of a much better continuity and believes in it, for the simple fact that its hope and love that kept one going till date, and why give it up, when god’s invisible hand has always been playing the cards right. The fact of the ecceletic confusion returns again, but at a much mishap-full point in the twisty roads of life, inorder to re-invent and re-trust the divine sense of openness, its the fearful control of life that restricts and restrains, but as said , hope keeps the heart beating, at least for time being :) To have had and never to have the moment even for time eternal seems to be the most elusive form of ecceletic invasion of ones own mind space, Cheers to all those who have conquered the space, and a toast to those who live in trust of hope….

Climbing altitude

January 2, 2010

The take off , towards the infinity of blogging has been quick, with a short steep flight, coming from a virtual land filled with Mafia bosses ,fortune cookies and farm,food and bullshit “villes”… the simple straightforward approach of blogging is a breath of fresh air in the cyber world…. as always, the initial phases of technical mishaps and unknown techno gimmicks are keeping me on my toes in the blogosphere… but i feel unrestricted, feel more of a rebel shouting at a  invisible  mob, caring a damn of what they think or how they react…  feels free, feels fresh and is feeling the free spirit, but it wont be long before i cross the limits here too (*as i did with other virtual worlds) and soon will be a caged bird..after all virtual world is virtually bullshitting oneself of a non-existent reality…